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    Updated Rules

    As the all-powerful, tyrannical, cold-hearted, cruel, and harsh forum administrator/webmaster, I shall declare a set of laws that I will enforce with an iron grip. Anyone who breaks these laws will feel my fury and the wrath of my mighty banhammer.

    Okay, no, not really. I want to keep a really open community here to encourage growth. There's only some basic rules to keep things civil and organized.

    The rules are simple:

    Generic rules for all of (including the Mumble server)
    • Do not share or distribute illegal or pornographic material
    • Do not harass other users
    • Do not post excessively vulgar content

    Blog/Forum Rules:

    • Do not spam
    • Do not insult other members
    • Do not try to bypass the censor

    Signature Rules:
    • Pictures can be no greater than 500x250 655350 bytes
    • No more than 5 lines of text

    Private Blogs and Groups:
    • All of the above rules still apply, but may be less strictly enforced depending on the nature of the rule.
    • Any private blog or group created specifically for the purpose of harassing other members will be deleted

    Infraction system:
    This site utilizes an infraction point system. If you break any of the above rules, a warning may be issued against you with a specific infraction point total and expiration date depending on the severity of the violation. If you have over a set number of infraction points, you may be temporarily suspended or permanently banned from the website. Your infraction points may go away over time depending on the severity of the infraction.

    • 1-9 points: On "probation", won't be suspended, but further infractions may result in higher points.
    • 10-15 points: 3 day suspension from the forums
    • 15-20 points: 30 day suspension from the forums
    • 20-29 points: 120 day suspension from the forums
    • 30+ points: Permanently banned from the forums
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