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Thread: Been so long since I last visit this site, you guys are alive and well?

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    Been so long since I last visit this site, you guys are alive and well?

    I don't think anyone remember me but I think the old members maybe do remember? I think it has been 4-5 years since I last joined this guild and GC. I went on hiatus on GC in order to focus on school. I pick up bit and news about GC throughout the year and was happy so much content was out during my absence. I was planning to go back and play it but then I got pulled into Final Fantasy XIV the day it was released and well I couldn't get out of it even now. Then a few years later I heard GC had shut down and that really make me sad a little inside since I been playing GC for a very long time. That also meant the shutdown of this great guild that I was a part of. I am wondering how you guys are doing for those who once are a part of this guild and GC. What games do you migrated to now after GC. Atm I am still playing Final Fantasy XIV, it's pretty much my main mmo now. I take break from it now and then when content are dry out.

    Also I know I am still a part of the skype aura group I joined way back but I think it's a bit awkward for me to talk in there considering I was gone for 4 years or so lol.

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