This hasn't been an issue yet, but from prior guild leadership experience, I figure it'd be best to just to clear this up before it does become an issue.

Being an officer in the club is a responsibility. It's a volunteer job to help with administrative tasks and moderation. It's not a privilege or something that is earned or given away to people based on activity. You can't "work your way up" to becoming an officer. When we need officers, we will pick them.

Right now, due to the size of our club world, architect positions are extremely limited. These are the people that have access to build or potentially demolish our club. We're going to be very strict about who we give this access to. It's going to take trust built up over a long term. Feel free to express your interest in becoming an architect if you want, but please be aware that we aren't looking to make everyone an architect, and if we don't know you, it might be awhile before we're ready to accept that risk. We plan to have plenty of fun activities planned for members that don't require building access in the club world.

I love you guys! This is what makes the club the club. Without you things would be pretty boring. Being a regular member of the club isn't a bad thing at all, so wear your rank proudly!