We're looking for a new banner for our website. It should be a 1000 x 110 px PNG file with the words "Clylla Gaming Community" and "Home of Aura" on it, arranged however you see fit (No quotes). Colors and everything else are entirely up to you, though if you could do something Trove related (www.trovegame.com), that would be awesome. The overall site colors will be changed to accomodate the new banner, so don't worry about sticking with the blue/white/purple theme.

The creator of the banner we choose will be rewarded with a suprise gift in Trove. (hint: It's from the cash shop). If there are multiple submissions and we like a runner-up, they might get a reward too!

You may wish to look at our existing banner as a reference: http://www.clylla.com/images/headerlogo/ClyllaBannerTransparent.png