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Thread: Tips for Trove Players

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    Tips for Trove Players

    Here's some useful information for getting around in Trove.

    Accessing the Club World:
    To access the club world, open the Club Window (press P) and click Join Club World underneath Aura.

    Identifying as a member of the Club:

    In the Club Window (press P), there is a flag icon in the top left corner of each club listed. Whichever one of these is highlighted will mark you as being identified for that club (Example: "Zaggeh of Aura"). Click the flag to toggle it on/off.

    Club Chat:

    You can participate in club chat by typing /cX and your message, where X is the number the club is listed under your club window (press P). For example, of Aura is at the top of your list, type "/c1 Hello club!" to talk to Aura. If you are in another club besides Aura, it might be at the number 2, 3, 4, or 5 slot instead.

    Custom Chat:
    If you want to talk with a small group of friends separate from club chat, create a chat channel by joining it with /join channelname (Example: "/join AuraMiners"). When you join you will see a message that you joined it and which channel number it is on, for example it may say "Joined 3.AuraMiners). You can talk in this channel by using that number such as "/3 Your message here.". When you are done and wish to leave it, you may /leave 3.

    Inviting others to teleport to you:
    If you want to involve someone in what you're doing, type /joinme and there name (Example: "/joinme Zaggeh"). It might be a good idea to give them a heads up in club chat first though!

    Do-Not-Disturb mode:
    Type /dnd to toggle Do-Not-Disturb mode. When in DND mode, you will not receive whispers or /joinme invitations.
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