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Thread: Trove Club Rules

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    Trove Club Rules

    Our club in Trove is open to everyone, however, we do have some simple rules that we'd like you to observe to promote a harmonious playing environment for everyone involved.

    1. Be polite and respectful to others
    This should be pretty self explanatory, but don't be rude. Being occasionally grouchy or grumpy is one thing, but if you are consistently being rude, hurtful, or mean to other Club members or even to other players while wearing our Club name, then Aura is not the club for you.

    2. Absolutely no cursing, swearing, or obscenities in Club chat
    This ties in with rule #1. It's not a matter of "maturity", it's a matter of politeness, respect, and intelligence. If you can't talk to others without tossing around the F-bomb or saying GD every time you're angry, then Aura isn't for you. We understand this is a habit for some people, so if there's a minor slip-up, we might overlook it with a warning, but if you're constantly fouling up the club chat, you will be removed.

    3. No inappropriate content or sharing illegal material, anywhere
    This pretty much goes with the Trove/Trion Worlds terms of use, but don't discuss anything of a sexual or pornographic nature or discuss hacking/botting software or anything of that nature. We've always had a zero-tolerance in our guilds for this kind of behavior and anyone caught trying to acquire or share info on hacking software related to the game will be immediately removed and reported to Trion Worlds, even if it isn't in Club chat.

    4. Follow Trove/Trion Worlds terms of use
    In addition to the above, other in-game policy violations will be extremely frowned upon and likely result in a kick. You may review the terms of use here:

    5. English only in Club chat
    While we respect the fact that we have a wide variety of players from all over the world and English may not be everyone's primary language, English is the overall primary language of the game and of our Club. If you wish to have discussions with another Club member in another language that's fine, but take it to tell/whisper or create a custom chat channel for it (/join channelname).
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