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Thread: hello!! - a delayed itroduction hahaha

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    hello!! - a delayed itroduction hahaha

    let's go>>

    Something about my IGN:
    + It's Heimgard,from Heimdal and Asgard.
    Something i read:
    + Homestuck, Ava's Demon, Bleach, The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves.
    Something i love:
    +Guacamole, with passion (visit the link before opening the spoiler if you don't know what guacamole is)

    Something i hate:
    + Be quiet when i don't want to.
    Something i aim to:
    +The best grades i can work for.

    Here, the best grade is 7,0, so my mom and i make a deal, if at the end of the year my grades sums from 6,5 to 7,0; she will give me a new pc. From 6,0 to 6,475; a Keyboard(music). but to make it interesting, if it's under 5,975 i will have to give all my saved money :'DD, so hahaha i don't want to do that w.

    Something i listen to:
    + No vocal OSTs and TSFH
    Something i saw:
    + Scrubs(+14)
    Something i know:
    +I know that John Snow knows nothing.
    Something i share:
    + Friendship and coockies!
    Something about me:
    +To me, tears has no gender.

    and.. that's all :33
    have a nice day, today and tomorrow.
    IGN: Heimgard

    Plays: close-combat chars and veigas, atm.

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    Yo, Heimgard! I think I've seen you logged in game sometimes, but we haven't spoken to each other. Anyway, nice to see another new member! XD
    Hope we'll be a good comrade!

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    Nice introduction! I like the format.

    I never knew there was someone who was so passionate about guacamole. But I agree, it is awesome.

    Good luck with your grades.
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