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Thread: Please allow me to..

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    Please allow me to..


    Okay, not really.. got caught up in the moment. Although nothing is official yet, I just wanted to go ahead and post a little introduction about myself. My name is Brian. I am twenty-six years old living in the state best known for it's bourbon, Kentucky. I've been an avid online gamer throughout my years, playing anything ranging from strategic games to first person shooters. Quake III Arena was my game of choice until it died completely out. With that being said, I can also say that I'm fairly new to the game of Grand Chase, having only been playing a few months.. but I think it's more than safe to say I won't be going anywhere else anytime soon. Anyways, I may post a more detailed intro at a later time.. I just wanted to shoot you guys the basics.

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    I see, I see
    -nods nods-
    Uncertain-pre-welcome to Aura, Brian
    Uncertainly hopes that you'll like it
    -faints from the bullet wound-
    -losing too much blood-
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