Don't have a picture on hand so...
Name: Zachary Sheridan
Nickname: Most friends just call me 'Sheridan'
Place of residence: Michigan
Male/female: Male
Birthday: March 9th
Relationship: Single, and probably gonna be that way for a while; bad experiences...
Education: Finishing high school
Work: Currently Unemployed
Favorite game: If i have to name one, Any of the Boktai series, Pokemon or Monster Hunter games
Favorite film: Tiny Heroes, the Toy Story Trilogy anything by Miyazaki
Wants to be: Game Designer
Hates: Being lonely...
Loves: Helping others in any way I can, playing video games, talking to people
Personal quote: If people really thought I'm their friend, then why do only a small group of them know i exist...
Remarks/Additional info: What can I really say... I'm an average 18 yr old shut in I suppose... my friends rarely take time to be with me because of their schedules so I'm online a lot and I've made a good chunk of friends and a few people I would love to actually get together with if ever given the chance.