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Thread: Introducing myself, KacperPL a.k.a TheNaturatt

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    Introducing myself, KacperPL a.k.a TheNaturatt

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    Name: Kacper, or Casper, if you will.
    Nickname: In general, I use TheNaturatt for quite some time now, but when I was making my GC account i was very young, so my GC nick is nothing special. ;-; Sometimes i also use ThunderBiscuit.
    Place of residence: Lębork, Poland
    Male/female: Male.
    Birthday: 17th of November, 1997
    Relationship: Single.
    Education: Currently, attending to 1st class of technical school, IT profile.
    Work: Not old enough, to work ;-;
    Favorite game: The whole Diablo series, I love Diablo I, II and III, Grand Chase, World of Tanks, uhh.. there's plenty of them...
    Favorite film: I don't like watching films alone, so I haven't watched many. My favourite would be.. "Skazany na blues'a" (Polish film, about a vocalist of a famous Polish blues band, called "Dżem"), "The Green Mile", Champion I, II. Could think of more, but that shall be enough for Ya
    Wants to be: A professional programmer, work for a big IT concern, fe. Blizzard, help them make a new Diablo sequel, or make an independent game.
    Hates: Mean, rude, unhonest, lying people. Tomatoes. Pop music ;-;. Fake punks, fake metalheads. Lots of things in general.
    Loves: Metal (music genre, lawl), Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk Rock (mostly Polish), ladies <3, my family, pizza, coke, lots of different things ;-;
    Personal quote: Risk it for the biscuit.
    Remarks/Additional info: I'm a honest, sympathic, enthusiastic guy, with a crazy personality. Feel free to ask me some questions.
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