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Thread: Yucraft Minecraft Server!

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    Yucraft Minecraft Server!

    Hiya, if you play minecraft sometime and want to join our server, check us out at!
    We're a friendly server with a small community right now, and everyone in it played Grand Chase at one point. Kud (the 4th bar spamming dio in guild) even made Hell Bridge in minecraft... -w-....

    Anyways, it took a month to launch, with multiple helpers etc. and no this is not an advertisement f3, if you wanna check out the creations in our minecraft server, the server IP is on the page!

    Currently we're just starting out, and if you join now u'll receive some bonuses people later on won't get!

    I'm posting this here cause a while back Liyarin posted a creation in minecraft~ and i thought "hmmm, maybe there's more ppl here who play MC" -w-;;..
    currently the largest creation we have that's remotely completed is Battle Frontier, from Pokemon Emerald~
    other works currently going on/planned/started already/on pause:
    Town of Beginnings (Sword Art Online)
    Shinto Region (A look at endo era Japanese Life)
    random stuff that experiment with huge amounts of redstone.... etc..
    find out the rest urself!!

    --> Click Me <--

    -Yuuka (Owner of Yuucraft)

    also, if this doesn't count as a "creative creation" of any kind, please delete this -w-

    also, L> ppl to help make GC maps in minecraft owo or anything game/anime related really....
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    Between osu!, school, and a social life, I'll be more active in forums than in game...

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    erm some questions, any mods your using, and its builder server or just ftp? anything you like, was looking for good minecraft server for a while...

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    we're running bukkit, we have uhhhh essentials, worldedit, worldguard, logblock uhhhh just the normal stuff -w-;;....
    we're a very small server atm, and it's really, anything you like for now, as long as u're not griefing, everything's a go~
    we're gonna move to a dedicated server on dec. 1st, xD
    well, the server will be back up in 2h cause something "happened"... D=...
    later on, after more people join, we're.. or at least for sure, i'm planning to expand to include more functions/mods -w-

    Between osu!, school, and a social life, I'll be more active in forums than in game...

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    well I hope i'm not a greefer lol, never were banned on dedicated nor private, so I seem legit , and well I always play gc ^^

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