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03-13-2011, 08:31 AM
Star Driver: Takuto of the Radiance
Status: Completed

Just one of the most recent anime mecha releases to date, with spunk!

Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, Psychological

Feel free to check out the plot from Anime News Networks, making my own is a hassle.

It has definitely come to my attention that this anime involves a lot of POSING. Be it in their normal school lives, or fighting in Zero Time battles, this anime never fails to POSE it's point. Now this doesn't mean posing is a problem, heck it's incredibly unique! More so than any other anime that were odd and completely bizarre and completely normal. Like when I think of mecha, the first thing that comes to mind is big bots and Gundams. Now having said that, most of the anime's I have seen and heard are depressing or have some sort of complex between two or a gagillion nations with a mix of alien fighting over land or for ethnic conflicts (*Examples such as Patlabor, Eureka 7, Code Geass, and Gundam (and all it's gagillion other variations), and Macross just to name a few). But none or hardly any of them have had ever come close to how weird but awesome Star Driver came to be. And that is.. -drums- cosplaying to the max!.. and.. -drums- posing! Even the bots looks like their on a fashion crisis. Sheesh. Good looking nontheless. Speaking of the choice of clothing, I really have to admit the way they dress is absolutely fantastic and totally makes them unique and oblivious to the other animes in it's genre. Oh how I wish I have a costume like the glittering crux wears, oh how I wish so........

I do have a complaint though. For me, being a careful observer and all, could not grasp the story what so ever.. not until later episodes of course. But I suppose the lack of knowledge is one of it's selling points, I mean when they first struck their first poses I was like "o_o...O_O". Each individual characters have their own stories and I absolutely love that. I especially love Takuto's cheerful and playful nature. But I also cannot stand his poses -deep cringe-. But as far as complaints go, that's pretty much it.

Oh have I mentioned there's alot of KISSING involved? Ooh wait that's not unique, that's considered normal.. never mind.

I think I need to give two ratings for two things:
Uniqueness: 10/10.
In General: 9/10.

APPRIVOISE! -chest shines like the sun, zoom out to the sky, bot comes out, turn naked, flashy clothes appear, POSE-
http://www.thatanimeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/gg_Star_Driver_-_12_46CCA21F.mkv_snapshot_19.29_2010.12.24_04.49.j pg
QUEERS! -stares-
EPIC BATTLES....with epic scenery! -strikes a fighting POSE-
Kiss. KISS! KISSUU!! -Chuuuuuuuuuu-
[spoiler:2prifluf]http://www.thatanimeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/gg_Star_Driver_-_12_46CCA21F.mkv_snapshot_00.21_2010.12.24_05.24.5 3.jpghttp://cjblackwing.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/star-driver-7-pic-4.jpghttp://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSGxL_chCGTAw1wQwJMLdPP66sQw4txR Of5RK0sf4grK2Fl4yXq&t=1[/spoiler:2prifluf]

Airing Times
It's completed.

And episode discussions are open!

- Fixed current episode and next episode number.

03-13-2011, 11:58 AM
Well you sorta beat me to it Ruze.
On my way home after dinner I was thinking about making topics for all the On-going series I am currently watching (which I might still do though not today).

Anyways, about the anime.

I really like it a lot, it has a cool animation style and it is able to mix humorous situation with the action and storyline quite well.
As you mentioned though it takes a few episodes to firmly grasp the plot and some terms the use (too some time before I completely understood what they meant with a "first phase").

Once again I would disagree with the marks you give this anime (though less drastically than I did last time XD).
I think a 9 or a 10 is not something that should easily be given to series, especially ones that haven't finished yet.
Anywhere from a 9 and up are really the one of a kind series that are completely different from the rest, or climb to a much much higher level in their genre than others.
Even though I think this work up till now is very original it does several things other Mecha anime do as well.
However as I said I really like this show and it has lots of potential for more (the story is getting better these last few eps).
Currently I would definitely give this series and 8 and I think it has the possibilty to score even higher when the story continues.
I've seen series go downhill after a ood start but also series that were less good at first but gotten super good at the end.
However only time will tell what will happen.

03-13-2011, 04:21 PM
Could not find anything about an English license for this series other than a little note in the first paragraph of the Wikipedia page stating that Aniplex aired the first episode last October. Aniplex's website is rather unfinished and broken at the moment though so I wasn't able to confirm any official announcement from them.

It's still sketchy at best, and since it has been confirmed that they aired at least one episode, I'll assume it's licensed and won't post any links to any sites or anything. I have no problems sharing links to fansub websites as long as the series in question isn't licensed in English yet.

I will however say that the name of one of the fansub groups that picked up this series is GG. You can Google the rest. :-P

03-20-2011, 05:55 AM
Two weeks has passed since the previous episode was released, but now the wait is over.. episode 23 is finally out!

Will talk about episode review in a bit, downloading the sucker as we speak.

[spoiler:hblr5rpu]So um, WOW. The ending of episode 23 really is a turning point in the main plot. Although when Sugata asked Takuto; what it means to fall in love, raising the stakes if Takuto wins agaisnt Sugata that Takuto can marry the girl, and that painting of Sugata in a libido.. it was all almost straight forward that we know what's coming. As if Sugata turned his back to Takuto and joins the Glittering Crux at this stage of the game. Sigh, another week or two till we find out what happens next.. SADFACE[/spoiler:hblr5rpu]

03-27-2011, 07:56 AM
Episode 24 is out now.

I won't say much, about it, but the ending of the episode is what I call the selling point of an anime, the awesomeness and epicness. The eat maidens seal has finaly been broken and Sugata's Seketh is finally released! And christ, that mech is the size of Mount Everest, it's freaking huge.

04-03-2011, 01:35 PM
Episode 25 is finally out after a few weeks of painful anticipation. The series finale! Oh my geeeee~

Episode 25

To recap the last moments of Episode 24, Episode introduces us with Takuto's father cutting down the 3rd maiden, hence breaking the seal and releasing Semekh...

Takuto and Sugata apprivoices, Takuto in his own machine and Sugata in Semekh. But to everyones surprise and before Sugata can do anything with Semekh, Takuto's father or "Head" or Tokio apprivoices and invades Semekh with the power called Sinpathy, the power to control other Cybodies. A pissed off Takuto attacks Tokio. Utilizing Semekh's power, Takuto is just being toyed with. While Takuto is down, Head explains that Semekh is in need of "food" and after being sealed in for so long, it would devour the world's libido to become a true cybody, leaving an extinct humanity at its wake.

Tokio attacks his own son Takuto to teach him a lesson. But before Tokio can even lay his swords on him, Wako uses her maiden powers to stop the attack to the best of her abilities. She also apprivoices, bringing out her own cybody. Semekh makes a move and grabs Wako while releasing the once destroyed cybodies of the past to attack Takuto. As Takuto desperately evade all of the shadowy cybodies, Wako on her own desperately tries to fend off being destroyed along with her seal.

The Glittering Crux, not that we forgotten about them, are helpless and watches on the side. As they all cower in fear, their once lost marks that enables them to enter a cybody now returns every so shiny. To them this is their last sign, they apprivoice and enter the shadowy cybodies and returned them to their old colorful state.

Takuto, "in a pinch~", is saved by the Glittering Crux. Each of the remaining shadow cybodies are destroyed one by one by the Glittering Crux. They say to Takuto that everything is their fault and will gladly assist Takuto to the best of their abilities. So all Glittering Crux members kamikaze's towards Semekh, only to be destroyed. Tokio laughs at everyones feeble attempts as he finally breaks Wako's barrier. But Takuto "tackles" Tokio before the seal as broken with an every brilliant red light, destroying him in the process and Semekh back to his original control.

But while everyone is up and happy, Sugata takes control of Semekh and tries to put the beast back to sleep. Sugata, his plan from the very beginning of the show, was to enter Semekh only to seal it for good. With everyone reminiscing their times with Sugata, Takuto looks at Wako's eyes as she does the same, and cuts her down. The last seal is broken.

The zero time is finally disappearing and Semekh takes to the skies. Takuto chases the flying Semekh to space as we witness the world changing from a brilliant blue to a screwed up gray. After an epic battle with awesome music playing, Sugata destroys Semekh and an explosion the size of 50 czar bombs explodes in space, neat.

With Sugata and Takuto idly chat away in space, finally puts an end to the series.

Well with that detailed and amateurish review of Episode 25. Time to speak my thoughts. I would like to say, for the past few months following Star Driver, I think this episode fits the bill perfectly. The final episode was really captivating, with all the music and animations and battles and poses, it was all brilliant. Not sure what else to say but, this really was a fantastic anime. I highly recommend this anime to anyone. My previous score of 9/10 has been bumped up to 9.5/10 solely on how I feel about it. Minus 0.5 points though since we don't know who Wako choses in the end