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02-10-2012, 10:12 PM
Name: Tyreek
Nickname: Nate(Call Me This Name)
Place of residence: Philadelphia, Pa, United States, North America, Nothern Hemisphere, Earth
Male/female: Male (I check often xD)

Birthday: 7/17/1995
Relationship: Single
Education: Going to High School: Graphic Design Track
Work: None :/
Favorite game: Every Game I have ever played I have liked e.e I have no favorite
Favorite films: The ones about Love
Wants to be: A famous Game Designer, Mobile App Designer, General Computer (Virtual Entertainment) Designer.
Hates: Ignorance, Rudeness and the idea that certain actions are not "normal"
Loves: You, Me, That Random Guy, That Random Gal.
Personal quotes: 1. When life throws you Lemons, throw them back.
2. Life is short so piss off as many people you can.
3. Life is short so don't let people piss you off.
4. Revenge is sweet and best served cold, therefore it must be ice cream.
5. Where did my clothes go >.> xD
6. Regret nothing, Admit Nothing, Care About Nothing (will explain this one upon request)
Remarks/Additional info: I am ultimately a nice guy. I try to help and be active everywhere I go, though sometimes I do crash,(asks for forgiveness in advance) and say/do things I don't mean to do. Other than that I am perfectly >.> human

02-11-2012, 06:00 AM
Thanks for introducing yourself, Nate. I've got family in PA. Don't really talk to them much though. Good luck with your game design aspirations. I've always wanted to do that too, but it turned out to be more of a hobby than anything else for me. Maybe someday we can talk about stuff. I had no idea high schools these days had stuff like graphics design courses.